Leading Parent Partnership Award

The Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA) gives schools a coherent framework to deliver effective parental engagement from early years to post-16.

Lead: Jeremy Kielly

Date of Interim Assessment: 04/03/19

Date of Assessment: 24/06/19                                                                                                                      

Leading Parent Partnership Update – June 2019

Well here we are in the final weeks leading up to our final assessment on Monday 24th June. It’s been a successful and busy year with many different events and seminars happening within and around the school.

As would be expected we have had a busy end to the Spring term and beginning of the Summer term. Some of the highlights in that time include Sharon Wilson holding a networking session that highlighted the work completed so far by pupils going for the bronze Arts Award. Parents/carers, members of the governing body and the SLT were invited to the session which was a great success. Feedback was extremely positive with many parents suggesting we hold the event every year. There was an IT information seminar offered to parents/carers by myself and IT coordinator Sharron O’Keefe that offered support around Internet safety as well as our school’s digital content on such platforms as our school’s website, Twitter page and smartphone app. Feedback from this session was again extremely positive with suggestions that we offer such a seminar in the future. Our SALT representative within school Zoe Wood offered a signing course to parents/carers wishing to learn signing for the first time or to improve upon current skills. Just a few weeks ago we had our science week where parents/carers were invited in to join in with their child in the classroom. We also had our final Parents’ evening of the year where we strived to have a 100% turnout from parents where teachers made themselves available at other times in instances where parents/carers could not make it.

Some of the events upcoming as we come to the end of the school year include our transition day. This is a day where children, even those currently not enrolled in school, spend a full day in the class that they are to be in come September. This will hopefully help ease that transition of leaving their current class for their new one in the Autumn. We are also holding our annual sports day where parents come in to watch, and sometimes participate, in sporting events. Amanda Best from the LPPA working party will be putting on a tombola on that day as well! And of course, there’s our end of year awards ceremony where parents/carers are invited in to celebrate the successes of their children.

Our immediate next step is to prepare for our final assessment in just over a week. I would like to thank all the parents/carers who have participated in the events that we have held throughout the year and for your continued support in this process.


Leading Parent Partnership Update – March 2019

We have been busy here at St. Anne’s over the past two terms gathering up evidence as well as initiating events in the hope of gaining the Leading Parent Partnership Award in the summer term 2019.

One of our first tasks in the autumn term was to put together a working party consisting of individuals from all areas of the school. The team that was put together is comprised of myself, Sarah Crozier, and Emma Cowsill from the upper school, Chris Lee from lower school, Charlotte Casey from 6th form, Clare Harrison from the office, Peter Yorke from residence as well as Sue Larter and Amanda Best representing parents. We will meet once every term but will be in regular contact on email throughout the process.

Some of the highlights from the autumn term have been an outstanding parental turnout to our Harvest Festival at Welton Church. It was such a great atmosphere having so many of our parents show up to support the children. We continue to get parents making it to our sixth form’s café on a Friday morning. Turnout for our Macmillan coffee morning was fantastic as usual as was the parental attendance at our parents’ evening in October. One change from previous years with our parents’ evening was that those parents that could not make it for whatever reason were given an alternative time with their teacher thus ensuring 100% attendance at our parents’ evening. Our parental turnout for residence’s Christmas Fayre was excellent. On that same day parents enjoyed their child’s Christmas performances at the church while also coming into school to make a Christmas decoration with their child.

This current term has been as busy as our last. Just last week we celebrated World Book Week and invited parents in to an end of week praise assembly where we heard local author Christina Gabbitas read aloud from one of her books. Children were chosen from each class to be the star of the week as well as a child from each part of the school to receive an award as ‘best dressed’ on World Book Day itself. Winners were given books as prizes.

More importantly, on Monday 4th of March we had Andrea Hamshaw in (our LPPA advisor) to do our interim assessment. As she had already been given a tour of the school on her initial visit last summer she spent an hour with me talking about our progress so far before taking a couple of hours to go through our evidence portfolio. Following this she fed back to me her findings and told us our ways forward. Overall she was very pleased with everything we had achieved thus far and only had a couple of things for us to do before our final assessment in June 2019. Most of our ways forward involve gathering evaluative feedback from parents whenever they’re in school or there’s an opportunity. We have already completed one of these in our assembly last week to conclude World Book Week.

Our immediate next step is to choose a day in June for us to have our final assessment. It will have to be a day where some parents, members of our working party and a governor would be available to be interviewed. I will let everyone know once this date has been finalised.


Leading Parent Partnership Update – September 2018

First of all, let me take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Jeremy Kielly and I have recently taken over as our LPPA coordinator. I will be liaising closely with Chris Lee and the governor responsible for the LPPA, Sue Larter, over the coming weeks and months to ensure that we are on track to achieve this important award.

Being new to the role I am currently looking at putting together the LPPA development plan. An action plan is already in place and I will be looking at this closely to ensure we’re ticking all the right boxes in the coming months. One of my first orders of business will be to organise a working party that will include people from all across the school.

We will continue to involve parents in the same ways as previous years as it pertains to Harvest Festival, parents’ evenings, 6th form café and coffee mornings to name a few but to also add some new initiatives around parents coming into school and working with their child. I am also going to endeavor to involve more parents in volunteer roles throughout the school. We have some volunteers already but could always improve these numbers.

Overall I’m very excited to be in this role and look forward to sitting down with our working party once it’s put together to discuss some more initiatives to pull out across the school.

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