Designated people & advice contact list September 2019


Role / Agency

Name & role

Contact details

School Child Protection Coordinator (DSL)

Lesley Davis

Kay O’Neill

01482 667379

01482 666217

Deputy Child Protection Coordinator

Deena Lidgett

01482 667379

Child Protection Governor

Geoff Ogden

07745 817563

Chair of Governors

Geoff Ogden

07745 817563

Looked After Children Designated Teacher

Chris Lee

01482 667379

Early Help & Safeguarding  Hub


CP initial referral

Mon to Thu

8:30am – 5:00pm


8:30am – 4:30pm             

Support & Advice:

·         Urgent C P concerns

·         Early intervention

·         Signposting to appropriate services

·         The Early Help Assessment (CAF) process.


Out of Hours - Early Help & Safeguarding  Hub


Out of Hours & weekend CP referrals & advice



ER Child Protection Officer & LADO (Schools)

Tony Marsh

For CP & Safeguarding advice and referral of allegations against staff & volunteers


Room AF 56 County Hall



Lorraine Wilson for CP & Safeguarding advice and referral of allegations against staff & volunteers


Room AF 56 County Hall


Humberside Police

ER Protecting Vulnerable People Unit


01482 220809 / 220808

(County Hall, part of EHASH)

ER Safeguarding Children Board

General Safeguarding & CP Advice



ER Safeguarding Children Board




Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy (September 2018) - 2019 awaiting governor approval 

Staff Child Protection and Safeguarding Procedures Policy (September 2018)

Anti Bullying (2018) 

Behaviour Policy (2018) - 2019 awaiting governor approval

Central recruitment and vetting checks (2018)

Data Protection (GDPR) Policy 2018

Fire Safety Policy 2018

Lockdown Policy 2018

Online Safety Policy 2018

Prevent (2018) 

ERSCB Code of Conduct (September 2018)

ERSCB Allegation Management Policy (January 2018)

ERSCB Missing Child (2017) 

ERSCB Whistle Blowing Policy (September 2018)

HM Govt Information Sharing Guidance (July 2018)

HM Govt What to do if you are worried a child is being abused (March 2015)

HM Govt Working Together To Safeguard Children (July 2018)

DfE Keeping Children Safe in Education (September 2019)

DfE Keeping Children Safe in Education - part 1; for all staff (September 2019)

DfE Prevent Duty (June 2015)



DfE Use of reasonable force (July 2015)

Recruitment Consortium - guidance for safer working practice for those working with children and young people in educational settings (October 2015)

Twitter guidance

Wellbeing Policy


Link to ERSCB webpage (please note from January 2019 there is a change of name - ERSCP: East Riding Safeguarding Children Partnership)

Jan / Feb 2019 ERSCP Newsletter

Quick link to our 'online safety page'




19th January 2016 - the Government have launched a new website aimed at parents, teachers and school leaders to give practical advice on protecting young people from extremism and radicalisation. This was officially launched today by the Education secretary Nicky Morgan
The website can be found at
16th July 2017 - from September we will be an Operation Encompass School "its every child's right"