Team Teach


Team Teach Objectives:

  • To develop shared values which promote the attitude, skill and knowledge needed to implement Team Teach in the workplace.
  • To develop positive handling skills in the behaviour management including verbal and non-verbal communication, diversion and de-escalation and safe effective, humane physical interventions.
  • To develop skills in positive listening and learning.

Team Teach practice and protocols:

  • Best interests of the service user
  • Minimal force for the shortest time
  • Prevent injury, pain and distress
  • Maintain dignity
  • Reasonable and proportionate
  • Action should be necessary
  • Plans to reduce the use of restraint and restriction

Core value statements:

  • Safeguarding people and services
  • More self-restraint than physical restraint
  • Positive behaviour support approaches with an emphasis on de-escalation
  • 95% restraint and risk reduction
  • Challenging behaviour is often the result of breakdown in communication





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