Governing Body

Foreword From the Chair of Governors

Welcome to the 'Governor's Page' of the Web Site for St Anne's School, Sixth Form College and Residence. I hope that you find it useful whether  you are looking for a school to educate your child or simply researching available options about this very specialist and exciting field of education in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

It is my privilege to chair a governing body with a very experienced team of governors, including parent governors all bringing a vast range of skills from their professional life together with knowledge of special educational needs education.

Strong governance is a key part of a successful school. We have an excellent relationship with the Head Teacher and her team but as critical friends offering support, challenge and encouragement in a robust and vigorous manner to encourage teamwork at every level. Our pupils are our top priority as are our parents and carers who we believe are valuable members of the team.

The past year has been eventful for the school, college and residence. We approved a name change reflecting the achievements of the school, development of the Sixth Form College and the requirements with our partners to continue supporting pupils from 19 to 25 years within the community. 

The new Sixth Form Building was opened in May and is fully operational, our Residence has been extensively re-furbished, there are exiting plans for the grounds of the school and subject to funding availability a new Early Years Centre is planned.

Additionally the school and college has received a number of prestigious and well deserved awards normally only presented to main stream schools.

On a personal note I want to assure you that the safety of our pupils and their well-being in school, at home and in the community is at the centre of all that we do along with the progress that we want them to make with their education. This is achieved through good communication with our pupils, parents, carers, staff and many partners within the community, statutory and voluntary sectors. All our governors are themselves volunteers. 

This website is only a small part of that communication chain and I can be contacted through the school at any time.

Profiles of all our governors follow this foreword including the special responsibilities they have and details of sub committee membership.

Geoff Ogden, MBE

Chair of Governors


Governor Responsibilities (click on the names below to find out a little more!)

Chair / Local Authority        Geoff Ogden (MBE)          PSHE, E-Safety, Safeguarding

Vice Chair / Co-opted           Alan Willson                      Autism and Estate

Head Teacher                       Lesley Davis                      Headteacher

Staff Elected Member          Sara Tharratt                    Training Link

Parent Governors                   Sophie Claybourn             PE

                                                        Mary Moverley                  Creative Arts

Co-opted Governors            Peter Atkin                        Science

                                                         Kay O'Neill                       Head of Residence

                                                         Sue Larter                        Early Years

                                                         Richard Vickers (OBE)     Residence, Emotional Health and Well being

                                                         Andy Day                         Post 16

Yvonne Briggs


Governor Declaration of Pecuniary Interests 2017



Curriculum: A Day, L Davis, M Moverley, S Larter, D Colley (Co-opted)

Finance: P Atkin, L Davis, A Willson, S Tharratt, S Larter 

Health and Safety: A Willson, L Davis, K O'Neill, S Tharratt, S Rix (Co-opted)

Human Resources: G Ogden, M Moverley, L Davis, P Atkin, S Claybourn, K Burgess (Co-opted)

Performance Review: G Ogden, S Claybourn, M Moverley, A Day

Safeguarding and Emotional Health and Well Being: G Ogden, L Davis, R Vickers, S Claybourn, K O'Neill, Y Briggs, D Lidgett (Co-opted)

Residence: P Atkin, R Vickers, S Claybourn, K O'Neill, L Davis.

Meeting Dates:

18th January 2018; 10am

17th May 2018; 10am

11th October 2018; 10am

Clerk Minutes:

January 2018

October 2017